Stylist Reviews For Sport Clips Haircuts of Lake Forest

5 rating

Love Kristin and Jayden here - they always seem to spend the perfect amount of time doing their job. I love great service and this store meets it every time. One thing nice would be to add Wi-Fi to this store- since cell service is so bad in this area.

5 rating

Linda is an amazing stylist she's goes above and beyond and knows how to cut my hair

1 rating

I had been feeling down and hadnt shaved or had a haircut in a while so I decided to treat myself to something nice and get my hair and beard trimmed. I chose a male themed haircut store because i was a little bit embarassed about my scraggly beard. When i arrived it was crowded and there was a 35 min wait. There was nobody at the counter to greet me but i was able to easily check in using the computer. After waiting about an hour I was greeted by my stylist. I ordered the mvp service and she informed me it would be free since it was my first time. She did not do any of the MVP things...i only got a shampoo which was really quick and no scalp massage. Back at the chair the stylist barely cut my hair....all she did was comb it all back and trim it across the back in about 3 or 4 snips of the neck clean up or trimming whatsoever beyond those 3 or 4 snips of her scissors. The beard trim was terrible...she cut my entire beard off after i told her only to do the sides and trim and clean up the bottom. She didnt even clean up the edges well...leaving the hair on my cheeks...and there were spots that were missed and uneven...i had to finish the trim myself at home. The worst part of this is her rude comment to me at the end which made me realize that she was treating me bad the whole time because she thought i was too *** and that my beard smelled like cheeseburgers. So, in the end i left feeling like trash when i just wanted to treat myself...i was so embarrassed and didnt want to start a scene so i even gave her a small tip and left. I feel discriminated against because im a big man. I have never been treated like this anywhere....I will never come back.

Rated 3.7 out of 5.0 based on 3 Client reviews